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I’ve found that all the answers are within, and trusting the intuition is incredibly empowering! One of the best ways I’ve found to free myself, get out of my head and open the channels to my authentic self and intuition is by swimming in the ocean, with dolphins and truly stepping into being a mermaid goddess. There are no words to describe how freeing this is. It truly must be experienced.

“Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.” ~ Amelia Earhart

I’m planning some very exclusive experiences this year and am polishing up my fish scales to take you for the swim of your life! If you’ve been dreaming of swimming with whales, then stay tuned because next month I’ll be opening spaces for my Exclusive September whale retreat in the South Pacific!

I’m also working with my team to add even more mer ~ magic to my 2 day Elite Excursions, fully expanding into absolute awesomeness so you can Awaken Your Inner Siren in complete Stellar Style!

If you are feeling the call to Awaken Your Inner Siren, then swim on over to www.danamermaid.com/vip to book your Elite Excursion with me today!


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