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Are you a class act?

Definition of Class Act:  Someone who shows impressive and stylish excellence.

Once you decide to no longer allow disrespect into your life, you can serve the world with love and the universe will provide exactly what you need in a higher quality of life. Become that class act and share your gifts with the world!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
~ Coco Chanel

To me, quality is everything. Those with style, grace, classiness, and love I believe will truly conquer the world. Selfishness and facades abound in today’s consumerism society and realness is a quality that is sorely lacking. How much time do you spend in really listening to others and adding to the quality of life rather than zipping on through?

Sometimes it truly is more powerful to stand in a state of be~ing, a place of doing nothing and allowing life to bring you the waves of abundance you need. When you can truly allow yourself to Be and surrender to go with the flow of what the seas of life bring you, then you are in that powerful place to listen to your intuition and can surf the waves as they come!

Another facet in aligning your life is to check if your actions are consistent with your values and beliefs. Your soul may be classy, but if you are allowing circumstances that do not match up with that in your life, then you send the universe a mixed message. Dive in, take that leap of faith and live your classiness in every action, word and deed, down to every decision you make.

When you make decisions, ask yourself:

  1. Will this make your heart sing?
  2. Will this decision help you feel like the highest version of yourself, with dignity, shoulders back and head held high?
  3. Will you feel amazing and be able to spread joy in the world by this decision?

If not, then clearly you may want to question it!!

In life, careers are replaceable… calling’s are not! Anyone can learn to do a job or start a career, your calling is uniquely yours, like a superpower that you are brought in to this world to fulfill and share. What is it that makes you. . . YOU? How will you show up for the world and share your unique gifts with others? The ocean and all sea life need you and so do your peeps! Find time everyday to reconnect with the true purpose of life.


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