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A Note from Dana

Keeping the Childlike Wonder and Magic of Life

I recently spoke for a teleseminar I was invited to participate in and was reminded of a time when I was little that I gave up a piece of myself to appear “cool”. I had always been really into fairy tales and magical make believe.. what can I say I’m a mermaid! Around the age of 9, I had a friend who said she was too old for that make believe, girly stuff and that I should grow up. I’ve since learned that “growing up” is wildly important… in the correct way. Growing out of childish and selfish views is important, yet keeping the childlike wonder and magic of life matches it’s equivalent.

My good friend and colleague, Keli Campbell is currently empowering women through her brand www.tomboybombshell.com. I highly recommend swimming over to check out her blog and guarantee you won’t regret it! To me this is a grown up empowered woman, who is able to get her hands dirty and still snazz herself up in glamour!

In my mermaid excursions, my hope is to allow the ocean to be a catalyst of change by awakening women to their full potential & unlocking the beautiful peal of authenticity within. Tapping women into their callings while awakening their senses & femininity to beauty and empowerment by opening the channels of intuition. This is where change takes place and not only in women, but the entire world will benefit. Ripples of effect from land to sea. Dana Mermaid guarantee! Oh, and did I mention the fun?!

Sending you waves of ocean inspiration and aloha from the deep ocean blue here in Kona on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii!

Sum-sum-summer time!!

It’s Sum-sum-summer time!! And that means fun, joy, play and laughter! Time to play mermaids or lounge by the pool and soak up some sun kissed rays, blow bubbles at the beach or in traffic, have dance parties, spa days, create vision boards, paint, spin with dolphins, do cartwheels, climb trees, and plain and simple add smiles to the day!

“I never did a days work in my life. It was all fun.”
~ Thomas A. Edison

As entrepreneurs and business-women (including mermaidpreneurs)*, there are levels of responsibility that must be upheld, and what better way to complete your errands than by adding fun! How can you pizazz up your day to include more fun and play?

“Fun is good.” ~ Dr. Seuss

So kick off your shoes, sink your toes in the sand and splash in the waves of the sea! One of the main messages the ocean can teach us is to have more fun. By expanding out of your head, joy lifts you energetically to a higher vibration, thereby attracting positivity, fun, and a higher quality of life. Try having more fun ~ I dare you!

Awaken Your Inner Siren and the World is Your Oyster!

Discover the beautiful pearl within and clear away what no longer serves you to live the radiant life you are meant to!

The mermaid ocean experience awakens the divine within you and is incredibly healing.  By awakening your femininity and tapping into the magic of the world, you are more deeply empowered by igniting your intuitive knowing. Refreshing and revitalizing you heart & soul, this elite mermaid experience truly awakens the Aloha within you, transforming you into the sea star you are.

The “Real Deal”

Have you ever felt a bit too “Real” for this world? Realness is a quality sorely lacking in society and being called the “real deal” myself, it’s sometimes tricky to mix in the material world. To me, realness is being tapped in to the true meaning of life, seeing past the ideas that having things or becoming successful can ever bring true bliss. In order to truly succeed in life, you must be tapped in to what’s real, enabling you to then enjoy this material world on a much deeper level & in every possible way.

“Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly.” ~ Mark Twain

How in love with your life and career are you? If you had all the money in the world to be living your dreams, what would you be doing differently? Ask yourself, is it really money that’s stopping you? Oftentimes there are other blocks that prevent us from happiness and offering our gifts fully to the world.

Attempting to succeed in life without being connected to your heart or that deeper meaning of life may seemingly work on the outside, but does it really bring success and the intrinsic power that comes from happiness and fulfillment? Connecting to the super forces of nature and our creator enables us to be the superheroes we are meant to be in our every day lives.  There is deep power in surrendering and the sea alchemically helps us to remember that which is innately true.

Find some time today to connect to the sea, then ask yourself ~ what can you bring to the world to better this sea of life we live in?

Awaken Your Inner Siren and the World is Your Oyster!

Discover the beautiful pearl within and clear away what no longer serves you to live the radiant life you are meant to!

The mermaid ocean experience awakens the divine within you and is incredibly healing.  By awakening your femininity and tapping into magic of the world, you are more deeply empowered by igniting your intuitive knowing. Refreshing and revitalizing you heart & soul, this elite mermaid experience truly awakens the Aloha within you, transforming you into the sea star you are.


Are you a class act?

Definition of Class Act:  Someone who shows impressive and stylish excellence.

Once you decide to no longer allow disrespect into your life, you can serve the world with love and the universe will provide exactly what you need in a higher quality of life. Become that class act and share your gifts with the world!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
~ Coco Chanel

To me, quality is everything. Those with style, grace, classiness, and love I believe will truly conquer the world. Selfishness and facades abound in today’s consumerism society and realness is a quality that is sorely lacking. How much time do you spend in really listening to others and adding to the quality of life rather than zipping on through?

Sometimes it truly is more powerful to stand in a state of be~ing, a place of doing nothing and allowing life to bring you the waves of abundance you need. When you can truly allow yourself to Be and surrender to go with the flow of what the seas of life bring you, then you are in that powerful place to listen to your intuition and can surf the waves as they come!

Another facet in aligning your life is to check if your actions are consistent with your values and beliefs. Your soul may be classy, but if you are allowing circumstances that do not match up with that in your life, then you send the universe a mixed message. Dive in, take that leap of faith and live your classiness in every action, word and deed, down to every decision you make.

When you make decisions, ask yourself:

  1. Will this make your heart sing?
  2. Will this decision help you feel like the highest version of yourself, with dignity, shoulders back and head held high?
  3. Will you feel amazing and be able to spread joy in the world by this decision?

If not, then clearly you may want to question it!!

In life, careers are replaceable… calling’s are not! Anyone can learn to do a job or start a career, your calling is uniquely yours, like a superpower that you are brought in to this world to fulfill and share. What is it that makes you. . . YOU? How will you show up for the world and share your unique gifts with others? The ocean and all sea life need you and so do your peeps! Find time everyday to reconnect with the true purpose of life.

Lessons of the Sea ~

The ocean teaches us to go with the flow.  Release attachments to what once was or is and be open to new amazingness.  Allow the waves of life to wash away what no longer serves you at any level in your life and be open to newness.  When you are open to change in small or large ways, then your career will take on a life of it’s own.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~ Joseph Campbell

One thing I love about the sea is that it’s ever changing.  When I worked on boats in particular, people were always asking if I ever grew tired of my job.  Absolutely not!  The ocean is a magical world where every day is a new adventure. When we surrender to the flow of life then the magic can flow through us.  There is a distinct pattern to the ocean and all sea life, yet it is ever changing and no two days are ever the same.

Allow openness, expansion, & change to flow into your life and career.  Enjoy the

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.” ~ Christopher Reeve

There is beauty and power to awakening your femininity as a woman and reconnecting to your heart and soul.  In this way greater change will occur.  It comes from a deeper sense of the divine connection.  Rediscover the true meaning of life and how your unique fluke print is needed in the world!

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”
~ Marilyn Monroe

Awaken Your Inner Siren and the World is Your Oyster

If you are a high-powered businesswoman with a huge mission as an entrepreneur, it can be exhausting at times.  There must be a balance between business structure along with continuing to keep your heart and soul ignited with passion and purpose.

The mermaid ocean experience awakens the divine within you, fully revolutionizing your career as you swim out into the next level of success and service to the world. By awakening your femininity and tapping into the mermaid magic, you are more deeply empowered to get your message out into the world, creating even greater impact. Refreshing and revitalizing your life and career, this elite mermaid experience truly awakens the Aloha within you, transforming you into the sea star you are.

The ocean is calling…

Quality is everything as a Mermaidpreneur, and I run a tight ship. When all is in primo working order down to the smallest shimmering scale, then the ship can sail it self! Behind the helm of my company and vision, this becomes a balance between discipline and surrender, a true dance in the seas of life.

If you’re a high-powered woman entrepreneur and find yourself losing energy to fulfill your mission, spread across the board in overwhelm, then consider how you’ve disconnected. When we are too much in our heads, we lose the balance in life. Just as when we are too much on land and forget about the ocean, which sustains life on land. There’s no words to describe the empowerment of reconnecting to the sea, our ultimate life source, which taps us back into our own hearts and intuitive knowing that guides our true path and purpose.

So if you are ready to reconnect to the sea with a mermaid experience to empower your vision within to create even bigger impact in your business, then swim on over for an elite excursion with me to awaken your inner siren, which will revolutionize your life by refreshing and revitalizing your soul.

“We experience who we really are, and what it is we’re meant to do, in any moment when we pour our love into the universe.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Dolphins and whales mirror back our own true essence of love and the unity in life that is innately ours. Your heart holds all the answers you need, your job is merely to listen and take the leaps of faith necessary.

You may need to defy logic and reason when you listen to your heart and intuition, and when you do you experience a shift into a new reality, a world of possibility and abundance where life flows. Therein lies the mermaid magic, as she is ultimately a Sea Goddess fully awakened to the heartbeat of life.

The ocean is calling you to awaken to the magic of life. . . Will you listen?

If you are a woman with a big vision and mission…

If you are a woman with a big vision and mission in this world, either starting out on your path or already at the 7 figure level, then you know that it takes a tremendous amount of passion, purpose, and discipline to make your vision a reality. In order to make the most impact in the world, you must make time for fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation in order to breath new life into your brand and empower your deep vision by tapping back in to your intuition. There is no better way to create this impact than by reconnecting to the sea, which is ultimately our life source. There are really no exact words to describe what happens when you swim in the sea as a mermaid. Your senses come back to life and you awaken your femininity in a new unique way. It’s much like swimming with dolphins or eye-to-eye with a whale, it is something that truly must be experienced. So if you are looking for that extra shazaam in your business and also need an amazing vacation, then swim on over and awaken your inner siren!

I’ve found that all the answers are within, and trusting the intuition is incredibly empowering! One of the best ways I’ve found to free myself, get out of my head and open the channels to my authentic self and intuition is by swimming in the ocean, with dolphins and truly stepping into being a mermaid goddess. There are no words to describe how freeing this is. It truly must be experienced.

“Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.” ~ Amelia Earhart

I’m planning some very exclusive experiences this year and am polishing up my fish scales to take you for the swim of your life! If you’ve been dreaming of swimming with whales, then stay tuned because next month I’ll be opening spaces for my Exclusive September whale retreat in the South Pacific!

I’m also working with my team to add even more mer ~ magic to my 2 day Elite Excursions, fully expanding into absolute awesomeness so you can Awaken Your Inner Siren in complete Stellar Style!

If you are feeling the call to Awaken Your Inner Siren, then swim on over to www.danamermaid.com/vip to book your Elite Excursion with me today!

Expand into abundance by embracing balance in your life!

I recently celebrated a memorial for my Grandma who passed away. She was truly an amazing woman who built up the life of her dreams from poverty having raised two kids on her own to becoming an entrepreneur and living a life of class. She was only 4 feet tall but had a firecracker spirit and her smile could light up a room! She was a woman who was not afraid to get her hands dirty, yet she could knock ‘em dead with designer clothes and stiletto heels. As a successful entrepreneur in real estate, she designed and built the life of her dreams including her dream home modeled after Frank Lloyd Wright’s design and structured it so the windows faced where the sun rose and set. Most people would hire someone to do the work, but she was head of the construction crew with a shovel in hand while helping lay the mortar & bricks. She insisted on doing her own landscaping, yet could also enjoy the riches of life. She knew how to have fun and whether dancing or roller-skating circles around everyone, she loved to be the life of the party! The gifts she left are numerable including the most valuable lesson of all that life is short, live it to the fullest!

Embrace balance in life by knowing how to work hard and relax in luxury. Know that anything is possible no matter your size, gender, or life situations. If you have a dream and willingness to persevere, the universe will conspire to help you!

So celebrate life! Whatever physical or mental limitations you think are blocking you from your dreams and success, face them head on and move forward anyway. These blocks that appear so real now, will melt away when you make that decision to fulfill your heart’s desire!

Live, Love, & Laugh! Swim in the sea, BE FREE and BE of real service to the world! The world needs YOU & your heart will thank you!

Who or What Are You An Ambassador For?

The definition of ambassador is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity. So who or what are you an ambassador for? What do you believe so passionately in that you are representing to the world?  Whether it’s the ocean, land, people, a product or service, it may even come down to representing the spirit of aloha. It really is the little things in life that mean everything!  There’s nothing like the kindness of a stranger, a smile or laugh to brighten your day. When someone, anyone throughout your day shows true sincerity in caring for you, excellent customer service that gives you that feeling of being supported and well looked after or simply, love. Your spirit and attitude truly makes a difference in all whose lives connect with you. I hope that someday the Aloha spirit will weave into the hearts and minds of people everywhere and awaken the world to our true purpose in life!

So, what are you waiting for?? Dive in to discover your greatness and the amazing abundance life holds for you. The sea truly will set you free!

I currently have a New Year special bonus to gift your 3 nights of lodging here in Kona when you book an Awaken Your Inner Siren VIP 2-day package with me by February 28th! You will still have 6 months to use your booking, so if you feel the sea calling to your inner siren, then take the plunge and dive in! A world of magic awaits you!

You can start the application process here: www.DanaMermaid.com/VIP