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A Wave of Inspiration

Spring Has Sprung!

flowerSpring has sprung! Whatever hemisphere of the world you live in, the seasons are shifting into Spring or Fall. It’s a time of change with leaves turning colors and flowers blooming. I believe as women, we are much like flowers and made to bloom in our most beautiful and brightest way. Life equates growth – and growing up into our highest version can sometimes be quite painful. Growing pains are very real and yet very necessary to come into bloom. Where in your life do you resist growth out of fear of the pain or discomfort? Sometimes it seems that the easier softer way is to remain the same. In finding something, someone, or someplace that you love – it can be so easy to want to stay there forever even when you know deep down within that you want more and maybe even need more to embody your full talents. Sometimes the wanting more can be an act of service to the world and yet, in doing so, may involve letting go or moving on. It is the heart’s deepest desire to become the image and likeness of our creator, that which is infinite love, ever changing and creating for the betterment of all. In every moment we become renewed physically, mentally and spiritually and so, by resisting that fact & spiritual law of growth is when ‘stuckness’ ensues. The fastest way to get unstuck is by dipping yourself in the sea! If you’re not near the sea or the weather is too cold, try a sea salt bath. The ocean is our biggest teacher of the ebb and flow, reminding us who we are and where we come from.

“To heal the ocean, we must heal ourselves.” – Dr. Rod Fujita

podofdolphinsAging, growing and moving forward is an all-natural process and much needed to participate in the circle of life. Flowers have the art of surrender down – they naturally receive the nutrients needed to bloom to be the most beautiful bloom they can be. The more you relax and just “be” in your life, you will become better at receiving the nutrients needed from the universe to be the beautiful soul you are meant to. As you go and grow through each day, ask yourself before making any decisions – “Will this enable me to shine brighter and bloom as the unique blossom I am?” We are defined by our “no’s” just as much as our “yes’s” and this pausing to listen to your heart will enable you to align with your heart’s innately designed passion and purpose, embodying your soul gifts to be of real service to Planet Ocean.

Latest Update…

mermaidpicAloha from the mainland! We at Dana Mermaid are on a mermaid mission to spread the message of the sea to change the world one mermaid swim at a time. We’ll be sure and keep you updated on our speaking events throughout the high seas of life on land.

Due to our travel tour schedule we are opening up just one space only for the Elite Mermaid Excursion in Kona, Hawaii during the month of May. If you are a woman ready to take your life or career to the next level, this is an amazing opportunity for you to have that soul recharge while tapping into your next level of authenticity in every area of your life. Not only will you experience fun, femininity and freedom, you will have the opportunity to work with Dana one-on-one with the dolphins and mermaiding to bring your most brilliant state to the surface. Read testimonials from previous mermaidified clients here: http://www.danamermaid.com/testimonials.html.

dolphinjumpingWe are offering many amazing bonuses along with this package space, so if you know this will be the perfect experience and you are ready to dive in, please email Team Mermaid at Bookings@DanaMermaid.com to apply and receive more de’tails on this opening.

Of course if you are not quite ready to make the big leap, but still would love to be supported in tapping your passion and purpose – our Illuminate Your Brilliance Mentorship package may be the perfect fit! This is our latest package, designed to give you the support you need to begin awakening your genius and be supported to be living a lifestyle & career you love.

Included is:

  • 60-minute phone or Skype call direct with me to fully guide and support you by creating your lifestyle branding in a more unique way. On this call we will focus on bringing your authenticity to the surface with clear guidance to taking your career to the next level
  • Receive a purpose powered by passion workbook with tips to integrate into your life and career
  • Receive 2 Weekly podcasts and 1 additional video featuring topics of fun, femininity and freedom over the course of 3 weeks
  • BONUS: *DVD mailed to you of underwater dolphins to infuse the message of the ocean and dolphins to help uncover your blocks & discover your brilliance within. (This will bring the ocean and dolphins to your office or home and help you experience the deep messages of fun by awakening you to your passion.)
  • BONUS: *Weekly motivational Monday themed inspirational emails direct to your inbox with tips to implement throughout the week

Program begins 4/7 – 4/30

whaletail-sunsetAre you ready to dive in to your calling in a bigger way? Rediscover your passion and purpose and get support to swim out of any fears that are blocking you with this mentorship package. We have only 7 spaces available. Apply today by emailing Team Mermaid – Bookings@DanaMermaid.com.

The world needs YOU, so ignite your light and shine!

Be supported to awaken your genius, experiencing true freedom, fun & femininity! Unlock the channels to new levels of abundance, embrace your amazingness and change the world one fluke print at a time!

Why Not Have it All?

Feb26WaveofInspirationSome peeps say you just can’t have it all and although it’s true that you can only be in one place at a time there is always room to experience so much more.

I say, why not have it all!?

When I’m out at sea with dolphins and we come across 2 different pods, some people may choose one or the other, but I like to go for both! Life is just more fun when you open to possibilities of more and the world always shows up for you.

The greatest lesson I want to share from my 13 years of living full time in the islands of Hawaii is that you really can be, do or have anything you want! All life begins with a dream. Plant the seed, water it and watch it grow and bloom. Even babies in the womb start with a dream of creation before they can develop and grow. Life truly is an expression of your deepest desire. If you’re not living or doing what you want, then ask yourself what fears or old stories are holding you back. Isn’t it time to break free? You, my dears, and only you hold the machete to cut your anchor free and sail to freedom. When you get clear on what you want and in-source to God, magic happens. We mermaids are in the business of magic and miracles and we highly recommend you dive in to your dreams today!

Here’s a few finned examples from my own life experience-

I dreamed of surfing and went from a California surfer to an island local in the lineup at some really awesome surf breaks, surfing waves bigger than I dreamed possible with hardly anyone else out! I even built up a quiver of 6, custom made boards and decided to craft my own which was a fun little project!

I dreamed of living in Hawaii and not only did, but became a local, knowing the ins and outs and being well known here and on the other islands. I took my love for the sea to another level and became a coast guard licensed boat captain, passing a series of 6 very intense exams, loads of sea time and am one of the very few clean and sober female captains in the industry inspiring girls to really be able to go for their dreams big or small!

Feb26Wave.2When I thought about playing the guitar at the beach, I bought one and learned – and trust me I am not a mermaid who is vocally or musically inclined, however I had quite a lot of fun, because when it comes down to it really, why not?

I loved photographing dolphins so I designed a successful underwater photography and videography career through www.manakaiphoto.com and even had one of my dolphin photos used on national TV!

I dreamed of traveling and immersing myself in the Polynesian culture, so I did that by dancing Hula,
learning the Hawaiian Language and even traveled alone for 3 months through the Polynesian triangle learning more about myself and the magic in the world along the way!

I dreamed of working with wild dolphins and I did not only that, but so much more! Since then I’ve swum

with over 21 wild species of whales and dolphins and even sharks coming to know them as friends and being nick named a dolphin and whale whisperer. There are no words to express the experiences I’ve encountered in the sea.

Feb26.Wave.3I wanted to work in film and have been hired for several documentaries sharing the message of ocean conservation. I even was hired as a dolphin decoy to bring the dolphins closer to the camera for a film project because of our connection. Needless to say, being known by the dolphins is checked off on the good ol’ reseme! I’ve even hobnobbed with celebrity and some of the most successful business execs around, sharing a mutual connection and love for our sea friends.

My dream of being a professional mermaid, began with the seed of love for the sea and vision that we all of us are mermaids embodying this innate connection to the ocean. I’ve since built a successful career through the creation of my first tail that has evolved into a business far reaching to both women entrepreneurs and children. I’ve been interviewed and publicized along with other top mermaids and have created a quality niche in the ocean world.

The time I’ve spent in the sea with dolphins and whales, intelligent conscious beings have accelerated my ability to clearly listen to my heart’s calling and intuition, and with connection to the Divine manifestation happens so much quicker! If the world took a dip in the sea with cetaceans – oh what a wonderful world it would be

The Winds of Change are a Blowin’

Dana_at_BeachThe winds of change are a blowin! Change in life is truly a constant to be expected. It’s when change is resisted that stagnancy occurs. Change that includes amazingness right away is of course easy to go along with zest & enthusiasm. The biggest life changes are those that veer off to left field with the horizon of treasures untold in the distance. How often do you listen to the intuitive guidance within? Are you willing to listen when the seas of life are still as well as stormy? There is always a gem to find, even in adversity. Sometimes adversity itself carries the much needed treasure to us in it’s own swift way. Positivity is surely the key to all growth. Have you made the decision to leave behind any negativity or doubt within or around you? The more time you spend in cheering others on to their dreams, you double the effect through inadvertently blossoming in your own radiance at the same time.

“Imagine all the people living for today… Imagine all the people living life in peace… You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.” – John Lennon

Have you noticed that everywhere you look today online, magazines, or television there are articles, programs or ads about “How to _______” From stress management to anger management to finding happiness and peace to being a money magnet, the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be epic if you didn’t need a “How to” for anything? What if you had all the answers already inside of you and all you needed was to become aware of the blocks, decide to let them go, and awaken to your brilliance? How cool would that be, right!? Well, I’m going to tell you that this is not only possible, but it’s factual. You don’t need anything outside of you. It’s time to wake up to the authentic abundance of peace and joy that dwell within you. The ocean is calling you home.


humpbackHere on the island of Maui the ocean is as alive as ever! With Humpback Whale season in full swing, I am watching whales breach and spout on a daily basis and the sea is most definitely beckoning while the sky is adorned with double rainbows and golden sunsets. February is one of the best months for whale watching here as most of the mothers have calved and they are used to the boats. As I write this a whale just breached off in the distance!

When the ocean is alive with the sound of whale song, you can surely find me on or near the sea! If you feel called to experience the whales and dolphins in the wild, I urge you to dive in and guarantee moments of magic like no other.

I’ll see you in the sea!

Oceans of Love, Abundance & Miracles

Have you ever been steam rolled over by life? We’re talking fish out of water status, gills going dry, flopping around on land when you know you really belong in the sea.

I’m convinced it’s our human nature in life to at some point or another know this feeling at least once in our lives. Perhaps you’ve gotten a tad out of balance, pursuing something you are absolutely convinced you must have and are no longer open to the signs the universe is giving you to turn another direction. Maybe that other direction the universe has in store isn’t quite as attractive as what you’ve been seeking, but guaranteed it will lead you to something better than you could even dream up! Know what I’m talking about?

I’ve certainly been there in many different seasons of my life, but most especially in times of great change and new chapters. I will never cease to be amazed at how intelligent and cunning the mind can be and yet how powerful the intuition and heart truly is. It is this deeper knowing that guides us to where we are meant to be in our lives and careers to truly be living our calling in this world.

When I listen to logic land or my mind, being the place that “makes sense” I always end up suffering with struggle or frustration, ending up out of balance.  The still small voice within never really makes sense at all to the outside perspective. And yet, when I follow my inner knowing, that place that guides me to the next indicated step that may not even look or sound like something even helpful in reaching my desired goal, but I follow it anyway and lo and behold miracles happen.  A path unfolds that I never could have thought up and even leads to new contacts and possibilities that would have otherwise remained in the unknown.

So, why is this the topic of this month’s newsletter, you ask? Well, my dears, the topic is because I see this as one of the biggest challenges we women face in our lives. By addressing this, my hope is that you will 1. Relate and 2. Be willing to step out of the fear and into the unknown and sometimes uncomfortable action of faith. Yes, I am a mermaid, an artist, and above all a dreamer and yet, I am also a woman who has also experienced the pains of fear and of having faith in this world that has it’s main society focus on materialism and superficiality.

It is our most natural state as women to embrace a deep Divine surrendered femininity of our intuition and the mermaid is the symbol who calls us back to our life source, the ocean. When we awaken our inner siren, we spark that beautiful polished pearl of wisdom within so the world truly becomes our oyster.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.” ~ English Proverb


To all you beautiful women inspired by the mermaid message, I urge you to awaken to the source of bliss within, find the courage to shine brighter and listen to your innate inner wisdom regardless of what you or others think.  The answers you seek have always been inside you. Imagine the sunshine sparkle trail on the ocean as the sun sets and know that your path to greatness awaits you, as it is now time to awaken and swim home.

If you would like more support on this journey of discovering your passion and purpose and calling in life, dive in for a mermaid reading or perhaps swim on over for one of our excursions as we here in mermaid town delight in making dreams come true!

From the bottom of the sea to you, we wish you oceans of gratitude, love and blessings as infinite and abundant as can be!

Take the helm & have some fun!

Are you a woman with a big vision, know you have a deep purpose, and want to create an impact in the world? Wanna know how you can let those “no’s” or judgements from others actually fuel your mission? Let me fill you in on a little secret the ocean has to teach us ~ When you can surrender to go with the flow (even when the flow is uncomfortable) then you are actually fueled with more energy to surf the waves as they come, which can actually be fun!

This can be applied to life and business when you get what feels like blocks to what you really want to accomplish. Instead of fighting against them or giving up entirely, focus on your breath to relax you and find the power in non-doing. This is completely different from giving up.

When you let yourself be and open up to new avenues or solutions to find you, then the magic happens. That block that may have been your biggest frustration, may actually be your biggest gift whether to teach a lesson, give you strength and empowerment, or provide an even better opportunity that’s around the corner ~ just out of your sea cave so to speak!

Don’t forget to make time for fun, no matter what your life or business situation looks like, solutions always appear much faster! Remember if you try to find the time, it may never come. So grab the helm and make the time. When you focus on a priority, it’s funny how time switches roles from master to servant and the time becomes endless.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a dream and a vision, quit waiting around for life to make it happen. Dive in, take the plunge and enjoy the swim!

Or as Mark Twain says ~

“In twenty years from now you will regret the things you didn’t do far more than the things you did.  So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


Well, this has been a whirl wind of a month for mer~magic! Lots of letting go and riding the tides of change. When we commit to our calling, we must commit all the way… No Matter What! So when I took the plunge to dive in with both feet and grow a tail many years ago ~ we’re talking all the way in…  I knew I was in for a wild ride! I’m an artist, free spirit, dreamer AND a mermaidpreneur committed to my mer-mission of saving the world one mermaid swim at a time. So when my intuition says to let go of something, place, or person I must listen and surf the waves to new expansion so my vision takes place in a truly BIG way. What is your intuition asking you to do or be?

Fuel for Your Life

The lessons the ocean and sea life can teach us are infinite. Relaxing and daydreaming are absolutely imperative to fuel your life with more efficiency. Summertime means long sunny days and time for play! How can you infuse more play in your life? It’s a funny thing that when you make play a priority, your work will actually blossom and grow! Camping, bonfires, s’mores, pool parties and salty beach filled sun kissed days are all part of summertime fun! So what are you waiting for? Throw on your favorite bikini and head to the beach, or take that family vacay that you’ve been saving up for! Camp under the stars in your backyard, build forts, treat yourself or a friend to a spa day! Whatever it is that will fuel your heart and spirit, go do that. You may be surprised to find the answers you seek for what you are meant to do unfold easily for you.

Dare to be different!

Are you prepared to weather the rough seas of life & business? The storms are just as much a part of life as the calm seas. If you are not prepared to “baton down the hatches,” you may be left with a sinking ship! How can you prepare yourself in life and your career to stay steady through each storm that will enable you to be much stronger at the helm?

One of the best ways I’ve found is listening to my intuition. Being connected to that power of creation, called God, Great Spirit, Mother Nature, or any other, we are given every answer we need by listening to and trusting our intuition. This is generally that still small voice within that doesn’t always make sense and is sometimes drowned out by mindless chatter in the head.

When we slow down and listen within, the answers become clear. Whether we want to see them or not, they are always there.

The ocean is one of the best places to bring your senses to life and strengthen your intuitive knowing. Dare to be different in your life and career! Go against the grain of logic and trust your intuition. The results speak for themselves. Enjoy the ride!

The ocean is a world of magic

So often I see so many women who are caught up in looking a certain way or finding someone or thing outside of themselves to give them answers or get more “things.” I’ve been there myself and thankfully found a new way to live by going within many years ago. Swimming in the sea is one of the fastest ways to reconnect to what’s real, discovering who you are and what life is about. Living a life of balance from land to sea and mind to heart is so imperative, without one or the other we suffer. When we put our heart first, then the material world becomes a playground and a place of service. Your heart contains all the answers and it’s up to you to dive in!

“For whatever we lose like a you or a me, it’s always our self we find in the sea.” ~ E.E. Cummings

We are connected to the sea, from the sea and will always end up in the sea. A life without water would be no life at all. We ourselves are 90% water and can easily forget that when spending time on land.  Water is a creative space, ever moving and flowing with the rhythm of life. The ocean is a world of magic and much like that place in our hearts, when we tap into it then life truly begins to have meaning.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy- it’s all that matters.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Why Not You?

Have you ever had an experience in your life or career where you asked yourself, “Why me?” Or agonized over having to go through some awful or uncomfortable situation?

I offer you the saying “Why not you?” There will always be someone experiencing better than you or suffering worse.  The gift in life is that in the ebbs and flows, stormy seas or glassed off ocean bliss, life is equal for everyone to experience and enjoy.  We all have a path to walk with lessons to learn & in the physical world there will always be opposing forces of light and darkness, life and death, or fear and love.  When we accept our humanity and the divine we find both peace and power.

The saying, “Why me?” also arises when amazingness and success is brought into our lives.  So I present again, “Why not you?” The gifts of abundance are available to everyone, not just a chosen few.  Are you ready to release your own limitations and aspire to the greatness living within?

The universe conspires to help action.  So go out and live, make mistakes ~ there’s no such thing as perfection.  Life is a ride ~ enjoy it, live it up to the fullest and share it with others.  Leave your fluke print in the world in a good way! The world needs you!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.” ~ Mark Twain


It’s vacation time!!! Lately I’ve been so swamped in integrating new programs, that I am ready for my own vacay! So I swam off to Kauai for the weekend to stay with friend and colleague, Amanda Moxley for some seriously FUN sea sister time in Hanalei! Looking forward to sharing some photos from my own refreshing vacation. Life is short, peeps ~ carpe diem! Make decisions that fuel your spirit so you can offer your gifts to others in a brighter and more powerful way.

Sea salty rules for successful sailing through the seas of life:

In the olden days, ship Captain’s actually did not know how to swim. This was important because if anything happened out at sea, the Captain was required to do everything possible to save the ship from sinking. Today, as a boat Captain and mermaid, I can assure you that I know how to swim! The lesson from this is a valuable one, that in order to be successful in any endeavor, you must fully commit 100%.

Rule #1: Ditch plan B.
If you have a plan b, there will always be an escape route and you will never fully commit to what it is that you started. You are giving the universe a mixed signal and you’ll get what you give out. When you pull up anchor and sail a steady course in the direction of your mission without looking back, you will reach your destination. Commitment is key.

Rule #2: Take the helm.
Be the captain of your own ship. Make the decision, pick a direction & then surrender to allow the higher power that lives and moves us in the world to support you.

“You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to always reach your destination.”
~ Jimmy Dean

Rule #3: Let your mistakes guide you to new possibilities.
The universe supports action even if mistakes are made. Sometimes a mistake can actually open the door to a new more amazing possibility that would not have been seen before. In all things, there is something to learn if we are open.

“The most powerful, liberating thing we can do is to break free from the fear-based thinking that dominates the world to surrender the mind-set the world has taught us and accept a new one instead… What are your gifts, and how can they make the world a more beautiful place?” ~ Marianne Williamson