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Dare to be different!

Are you prepared to weather the rough seas of life & business? The storms are just as much a part of life as the calm seas. If you are not prepared to “baton down the hatches,” you may be left with a sinking ship! How can you prepare yourself in life and your career to stay steady through each storm that will enable you to be much stronger at the helm?

One of the best ways I’ve found is listening to my intuition. Being connected to that power of creation, called God, Great Spirit, Mother Nature, or any other, we are given every answer we need by listening to and trusting our intuition. This is generally that still small voice within that doesn’t always make sense and is sometimes drowned out by mindless chatter in the head.

When we slow down and listen within, the answers become clear. Whether we want to see them or not, they are always there.

The ocean is one of the best places to bring your senses to life and strengthen your intuitive knowing. Dare to be different in your life and career! Go against the grain of logic and trust your intuition. The results speak for themselves. Enjoy the ride!


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