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Keeping the Childlike Wonder and Magic of Life

I recently spoke for a teleseminar I was invited to participate in and was reminded of a time when I was little that I gave up a piece of myself to appear “cool”. I had always been really into fairy tales and magical make believe.. what can I say I’m a mermaid! Around the age of 9, I had a friend who said she was too old for that make believe, girly stuff and that I should grow up. I’ve since learned that “growing up” is wildly important… in the correct way. Growing out of childish and selfish views is important, yet keeping the childlike wonder and magic of life matches it’s equivalent.

My good friend and colleague, Keli Campbell is currently empowering women through her brand www.tomboybombshell.com. I highly recommend swimming over to check out her blog and guarantee you won’t regret it! To me this is a grown up empowered woman, who is able to get her hands dirty and still snazz herself up in glamour!

In my mermaid excursions, my hope is to allow the ocean to be a catalyst of change by awakening women to their full potential & unlocking the beautiful peal of authenticity within. Tapping women into their callings while awakening their senses & femininity to beauty and empowerment by opening the channels of intuition. This is where change takes place and not only in women, but the entire world will benefit. Ripples of effect from land to sea. Dana Mermaid guarantee! Oh, and did I mention the fun?!

Sending you waves of ocean inspiration and aloha from the deep ocean blue here in Kona on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii!


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