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Oceans of Love, Abundance & Miracles

Have you ever been steam rolled over by life? We’re talking fish out of water status, gills going dry, flopping around on land when you know you really belong in the sea.

I’m convinced it’s our human nature in life to at some point or another know this feeling at least once in our lives. Perhaps you’ve gotten a tad out of balance, pursuing something you are absolutely convinced you must have and are no longer open to the signs the universe is giving you to turn another direction. Maybe that other direction the universe has in store isn’t quite as attractive as what you’ve been seeking, but guaranteed it will lead you to something better than you could even dream up! Know what I’m talking about?

I’ve certainly been there in many different seasons of my life, but most especially in times of great change and new chapters. I will never cease to be amazed at how intelligent and cunning the mind can be and yet how powerful the intuition and heart truly is. It is this deeper knowing that guides us to where we are meant to be in our lives and careers to truly be living our calling in this world.

When I listen to logic land or my mind, being the place that “makes sense” I always end up suffering with struggle or frustration, ending up out of balance.  The still small voice within never really makes sense at all to the outside perspective. And yet, when I follow my inner knowing, that place that guides me to the next indicated step that may not even look or sound like something even helpful in reaching my desired goal, but I follow it anyway and lo and behold miracles happen.  A path unfolds that I never could have thought up and even leads to new contacts and possibilities that would have otherwise remained in the unknown.

So, why is this the topic of this month’s newsletter, you ask? Well, my dears, the topic is because I see this as one of the biggest challenges we women face in our lives. By addressing this, my hope is that you will 1. Relate and 2. Be willing to step out of the fear and into the unknown and sometimes uncomfortable action of faith. Yes, I am a mermaid, an artist, and above all a dreamer and yet, I am also a woman who has also experienced the pains of fear and of having faith in this world that has it’s main society focus on materialism and superficiality.

It is our most natural state as women to embrace a deep Divine surrendered femininity of our intuition and the mermaid is the symbol who calls us back to our life source, the ocean. When we awaken our inner siren, we spark that beautiful polished pearl of wisdom within so the world truly becomes our oyster.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.” ~ English Proverb


To all you beautiful women inspired by the mermaid message, I urge you to awaken to the source of bliss within, find the courage to shine brighter and listen to your innate inner wisdom regardless of what you or others think.  The answers you seek have always been inside you. Imagine the sunshine sparkle trail on the ocean as the sun sets and know that your path to greatness awaits you, as it is now time to awaken and swim home.

If you would like more support on this journey of discovering your passion and purpose and calling in life, dive in for a mermaid reading or perhaps swim on over for one of our excursions as we here in mermaid town delight in making dreams come true!

From the bottom of the sea to you, we wish you oceans of gratitude, love and blessings as infinite and abundant as can be!


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