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Spring Has Sprung!

flowerSpring has sprung! Whatever hemisphere of the world you live in, the seasons are shifting into Spring or Fall. It’s a time of change with leaves turning colors and flowers blooming. I believe as women, we are much like flowers and made to bloom in our most beautiful and brightest way. Life equates growth – and growing up into our highest version can sometimes be quite painful. Growing pains are very real and yet very necessary to come into bloom. Where in your life do you resist growth out of fear of the pain or discomfort? Sometimes it seems that the easier softer way is to remain the same. In finding something, someone, or someplace that you love – it can be so easy to want to stay there forever even when you know deep down within that you want more and maybe even need more to embody your full talents. Sometimes the wanting more can be an act of service to the world and yet, in doing so, may involve letting go or moving on. It is the heart’s deepest desire to become the image and likeness of our creator, that which is infinite love, ever changing and creating for the betterment of all. In every moment we become renewed physically, mentally and spiritually and so, by resisting that fact & spiritual law of growth is when ‘stuckness’ ensues. The fastest way to get unstuck is by dipping yourself in the sea! If you’re not near the sea or the weather is too cold, try a sea salt bath. The ocean is our biggest teacher of the ebb and flow, reminding us who we are and where we come from.

“To heal the ocean, we must heal ourselves.” – Dr. Rod Fujita

podofdolphinsAging, growing and moving forward is an all-natural process and much needed to participate in the circle of life. Flowers have the art of surrender down – they naturally receive the nutrients needed to bloom to be the most beautiful bloom they can be. The more you relax and just “be” in your life, you will become better at receiving the nutrients needed from the universe to be the beautiful soul you are meant to. As you go and grow through each day, ask yourself before making any decisions – “Will this enable me to shine brighter and bloom as the unique blossom I am?” We are defined by our “no’s” just as much as our “yes’s” and this pausing to listen to your heart will enable you to align with your heart’s innately designed passion and purpose, embodying your soul gifts to be of real service to Planet Ocean.

Latest Update…

mermaidpicAloha from the mainland! We at Dana Mermaid are on a mermaid mission to spread the message of the sea to change the world one mermaid swim at a time. We’ll be sure and keep you updated on our speaking events throughout the high seas of life on land.

Due to our travel tour schedule we are opening up just one space only for the Elite Mermaid Excursion in Kona, Hawaii during the month of May. If you are a woman ready to take your life or career to the next level, this is an amazing opportunity for you to have that soul recharge while tapping into your next level of authenticity in every area of your life. Not only will you experience fun, femininity and freedom, you will have the opportunity to work with Dana one-on-one with the dolphins and mermaiding to bring your most brilliant state to the surface. Read testimonials from previous mermaidified clients here: http://www.danamermaid.com/testimonials.html.

dolphinjumpingWe are offering many amazing bonuses along with this package space, so if you know this will be the perfect experience and you are ready to dive in, please email Team Mermaid at Bookings@DanaMermaid.com to apply and receive more de’tails on this opening.

Of course if you are not quite ready to make the big leap, but still would love to be supported in tapping your passion and purpose – our Illuminate Your Brilliance Mentorship package may be the perfect fit! This is our latest package, designed to give you the support you need to begin awakening your genius and be supported to be living a lifestyle & career you love.

Included is:

  • 60-minute phone or Skype call direct with me to fully guide and support you by creating your lifestyle branding in a more unique way. On this call we will focus on bringing your authenticity to the surface with clear guidance to taking your career to the next level
  • Receive a purpose powered by passion workbook with tips to integrate into your life and career
  • Receive 2 Weekly podcasts and 1 additional video featuring topics of fun, femininity and freedom over the course of 3 weeks
  • BONUS: *DVD mailed to you of underwater dolphins to infuse the message of the ocean and dolphins to help uncover your blocks & discover your brilliance within. (This will bring the ocean and dolphins to your office or home and help you experience the deep messages of fun by awakening you to your passion.)
  • BONUS: *Weekly motivational Monday themed inspirational emails direct to your inbox with tips to implement throughout the week

Program begins 4/7 – 4/30

whaletail-sunsetAre you ready to dive in to your calling in a bigger way? Rediscover your passion and purpose and get support to swim out of any fears that are blocking you with this mentorship package. We have only 7 spaces available. Apply today by emailing Team Mermaid – Bookings@DanaMermaid.com.

The world needs YOU, so ignite your light and shine!

Be supported to awaken your genius, experiencing true freedom, fun & femininity! Unlock the channels to new levels of abundance, embrace your amazingness and change the world one fluke print at a time!


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