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The ocean of abundance is calling you!

The ocean is a world of abundance and knowledge that is just waiting for us to dive in and has so much to teach us if we just listen. I feel so much more like me again when I swim in the sea and am so blessed to witness women awaken to their true essence from ocean retreats with me.

In cultures worldwide and throughout the centuries it is well known that if anything is wrong with you, you always go to the sea. The ocean is cleansing and healing and is one of the fastest ways to wash away what no longer serves you or blocks the authentic you. Essentially, the ocean washes off all of the land shtuff.

If I’m away from the sea for too long, I become stressed, sad and sometimes even sick. Literally, my gills and scales go dry and I need to get back into the sea to get back to “me” asap! We are all from the ocean and eventually will end up back in the sea which is why I believe it is so imperative to reconnect to our ocean home to restore the balance and health of life on land and undersea.

I am on a mermaid mission to save the world one mermaid tail swim at a time! When you tap back into your value as the sea star you are, you awaken to a world of abundance that’s been waiting for you to claim, or “the world is your oyster!”

As an artist, dreamer, and creator, envisioning the magic comes easy for me.  Structure, focus and discipline, is what I’ve had to embrace and continue to learn. Without a balance of both masculine and feminine or land and sea we will not be able to create the big impact that’s needed. We must have balance.

By healing the separation from land to sea & mind to heart, we have that innate balance in life when we can truly share our unique talents with the world and also be supported with success. The key to a balanced life is essentially breath. The word “Ha” in Hawaiian, means breath. Hawaiians traditionally greet each other nose to nose, honoring the breath of life or “mana” (power, life force) within.

Breath is an essential part of free diving, and I believe ultimately in life. When you focus on breath, relaxation sets in and eventually the clear answers will surface for your next indicated steps. The dolphins are conscious breathers and again have so much to teach us about how to live. They reflect back to us who we authentically are and lead us to find that much like the ocean, when you dive in, all the answers are inside. So it’s time to make a splash, dive in and discover the beautiful pearl within!


On my path as a mermaidpreneur, I’ve evolved through many different stages to get to where I am today and am still continuing to learn and grow to reach new levels of amazingness. When we let go of who we think we are and expand into who we are meant to be, the path unfolds for us.

I’ve been so blessed to have real “on the job” experience, from lifeguarding, swim instructing, crewing as a first mate and captaining on boats with my 100 ton US Coast Guard Captain’s license, safety swimming for thousands of people of all ages, swim levels and even disabilities, dabbling in underwater video and photography with ManaKaiPhoto.com, becoming a marine mammal naturalist, whale and dolphin rescue, participating in whale and dolphin research, free diving, surfing, and creating hand made mermaid tails, to becoming the founder of a company with a big vision to save the seas while empowering and inspiring women and kids worldwide.

I’ve gone from spending every day out on and under the sea with my whale and dolphin friends for over 12 years straight to growing my land legs to carry the message of the sea as a mermaidpreneur over the last 4 years! This is my fishy task that I put all my heart and soul into and rejoice when I have my much-needed time back in the salty sea with my dolphin and whale friends where I really shine!

My team and I are creating a Sea Sister Academy where girls and women can become ocean ambassadors and sea stars to be true voices for the ocean! Stay tuned for that mer ~ magical program to be swimming your way very soOn!

We’re busy adding sparkle & mermaid magic to all our retreats and looking forward to sharing the sea with you soon!


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