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The “Real Deal”

Have you ever felt a bit too “Real” for this world? Realness is a quality sorely lacking in society and being called the “real deal” myself, it’s sometimes tricky to mix in the material world. To me, realness is being tapped in to the true meaning of life, seeing past the ideas that having things or becoming successful can ever bring true bliss. In order to truly succeed in life, you must be tapped in to what’s real, enabling you to then enjoy this material world on a much deeper level & in every possible way.

“Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly.” ~ Mark Twain

How in love with your life and career are you? If you had all the money in the world to be living your dreams, what would you be doing differently? Ask yourself, is it really money that’s stopping you? Oftentimes there are other blocks that prevent us from happiness and offering our gifts fully to the world.

Attempting to succeed in life without being connected to your heart or that deeper meaning of life may seemingly work on the outside, but does it really bring success and the intrinsic power that comes from happiness and fulfillment? Connecting to the super forces of nature and our creator enables us to be the superheroes we are meant to be in our every day lives.  There is deep power in surrendering and the sea alchemically helps us to remember that which is innately true.

Find some time today to connect to the sea, then ask yourself ~ what can you bring to the world to better this sea of life we live in?

Awaken Your Inner Siren and the World is Your Oyster!

Discover the beautiful pearl within and clear away what no longer serves you to live the radiant life you are meant to!

The mermaid ocean experience awakens the divine within you and is incredibly healing.  By awakening your femininity and tapping into magic of the world, you are more deeply empowered by igniting your intuitive knowing. Refreshing and revitalizing you heart & soul, this elite mermaid experience truly awakens the Aloha within you, transforming you into the sea star you are.



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