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Why Not Have it All?

Feb26WaveofInspirationSome peeps say you just can’t have it all and although it’s true that you can only be in one place at a time there is always room to experience so much more.

I say, why not have it all!?

When I’m out at sea with dolphins and we come across 2 different pods, some people may choose one or the other, but I like to go for both! Life is just more fun when you open to possibilities of more and the world always shows up for you.

The greatest lesson I want to share from my 13 years of living full time in the islands of Hawaii is that you really can be, do or have anything you want! All life begins with a dream. Plant the seed, water it and watch it grow and bloom. Even babies in the womb start with a dream of creation before they can develop and grow. Life truly is an expression of your deepest desire. If you’re not living or doing what you want, then ask yourself what fears or old stories are holding you back. Isn’t it time to break free? You, my dears, and only you hold the machete to cut your anchor free and sail to freedom. When you get clear on what you want and in-source to God, magic happens. We mermaids are in the business of magic and miracles and we highly recommend you dive in to your dreams today!

Here’s a few finned examples from my own life experience-

I dreamed of surfing and went from a California surfer to an island local in the lineup at some really awesome surf breaks, surfing waves bigger than I dreamed possible with hardly anyone else out! I even built up a quiver of 6, custom made boards and decided to craft my own which was a fun little project!

I dreamed of living in Hawaii and not only did, but became a local, knowing the ins and outs and being well known here and on the other islands. I took my love for the sea to another level and became a coast guard licensed boat captain, passing a series of 6 very intense exams, loads of sea time and am one of the very few clean and sober female captains in the industry inspiring girls to really be able to go for their dreams big or small!

Feb26Wave.2When I thought about playing the guitar at the beach, I bought one and learned – and trust me I am not a mermaid who is vocally or musically inclined, however I had quite a lot of fun, because when it comes down to it really, why not?

I loved photographing dolphins so I designed a successful underwater photography and videography career through www.manakaiphoto.com and even had one of my dolphin photos used on national TV!

I dreamed of traveling and immersing myself in the Polynesian culture, so I did that by dancing Hula,
learning the Hawaiian Language and even traveled alone for 3 months through the Polynesian triangle learning more about myself and the magic in the world along the way!

I dreamed of working with wild dolphins and I did not only that, but so much more! Since then I’ve swum

with over 21 wild species of whales and dolphins and even sharks coming to know them as friends and being nick named a dolphin and whale whisperer. There are no words to express the experiences I’ve encountered in the sea.

Feb26.Wave.3I wanted to work in film and have been hired for several documentaries sharing the message of ocean conservation. I even was hired as a dolphin decoy to bring the dolphins closer to the camera for a film project because of our connection. Needless to say, being known by the dolphins is checked off on the good ol’ reseme! I’ve even hobnobbed with celebrity and some of the most successful business execs around, sharing a mutual connection and love for our sea friends.

My dream of being a professional mermaid, began with the seed of love for the sea and vision that we all of us are mermaids embodying this innate connection to the ocean. I’ve since built a successful career through the creation of my first tail that has evolved into a business far reaching to both women entrepreneurs and children. I’ve been interviewed and publicized along with other top mermaids and have created a quality niche in the ocean world.

The time I’ve spent in the sea with dolphins and whales, intelligent conscious beings have accelerated my ability to clearly listen to my heart’s calling and intuition, and with connection to the Divine manifestation happens so much quicker! If the world took a dip in the sea with cetaceans – oh what a wonderful world it would be


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